FRIDAY 1st MARCH 2019 simbolo lis 2

16.30 WHEELCHAIR DANCER – KENTA KAMBARA (Japan, 2018 – 2’ by Nobuyuki Arai)
(special selection DQFF2019)
This video is profile of Kenta Kambara from Japan. He dances with a wheelchair. He made the headlines in Rio 2016 Paralympic Handover Ceremony.

16.40 EN EL PUEBLO DE LAS SALINAS (Italy, 2018 – 7’ by Alesandro Montalbano) in competition
The original story of intersex children in las Salinas, a village in the Dominican Republic. The children sympathy represents the driving element of the movie.

16.55 I’M NOT THERE (India, 2018 – 14’ by A. Njuli) in competition
The narration of two trans-FtM people, a more rare testimony of male transgenderism in India.

17.10 ANOTHER MATTER (Turkey, 2017 – 12’ by Bahar Adilce) in collaboration with Kuir Istanbul (Istanbul, Turkey)
Civan was born as an intersex-person, yet her mother forced her to live her life as a son. After her mother dies, Civan is on the verge of breaking free from this identity and to start a new life as a woman.

17.25 AFFIDAVY FOR KHANALI (Iran, 2018 – 15’ by Arman Gholipourdashtaki) in competition
(BQ section – Beyond Queer)
Times have changed, especially if you are 92 year old and worked as a postman. Khanali does not understand why his office allowed him to quit his job for 35 years. Determined to recover his old job, he asks for support from citizens and office managers. A delicate story of determination.

17.30 GOLDFISH (Greece, 2017 – 15’ by Yorgos Angelopoulos) in competition
A young boy thinks his new goldfish is gay, which the conservative father totally refuses. A story of self-affirmation in childhood.

17.45 APRICOT GROVES (Armenia, 2016 – 80’ by Pouria Heidary Oureh)
(special selection DQFF2019)
Aram, a young Iranian Armenian who immigrated to the United States in childhood, returns to Armenia for the first time to meet his promised Armenian bride. A journey to discover cultural differences.

19.00 DIVINE COCKTAIL by Via Baltea


21.00 CELEBRATING PAOLO POLI performance with: Alberto Jona and Daniel Pastorino (story tellers), Natalie Lithwick (singer) and Anna Di Nunzio (words and music LIS translator)

21.30 WHEELCHAIR DANCER – KENTA KAMBARA (Japan, 2018 – 2’ by Nobuyuki Arai) – Reply

21.35 REFUGEES UNDER THE RAINBOW (Germany, 2018 – 31’ by Stella Traub) in competition
The film tells the story of Yusuf, Ritah and William and their journey. A journey from Uganda to Germany, a story of violence, hope, disappointments and everyone’s personal rainbow.

22.00 TRIBU (Spain, 2017 – 10’ by Sergi Merchan) in competition
(BQ section – Beyond Queer)
In a fancy restaurant, five businesswoman decide to celebrate a banquet to raise some money for the poor children in Africa. Racism, homophobia, the search for protagonism and quite many other inequalities, will be the main dishes of the menu.

22.10 PEA POD (USA, 2018 – 4’ by Rosser Goodman) in competition
(BQ section – Beyond Queer)
Four women in a ride share. COMEDY

22.15 I’M MOSHANTY. DO YOU LOVE ME? (Papua New Guinea, 2018 – 72’ by Tim Wolff)
(special selection DQFF2019)
I’m Moshanty. Do You Love Me? is a documentary profile of legendary South Pacific music icon and transgender activist, the late Moses Moshanty Tau and members of the transgender community of Papua New Guinea.

SATURDAY 2nd MARCH 2019 simbolo lis 2

15.30 WHEELCHAIR DANCER – KENTA KAMBARA (Japan, 2018 – 2’ by Nobuyuki Arai) – Reply

15.35 NEW CITY MAP (Italy, 2018 – 35’ by Giorgia Dal Bianco) in competition
The documentary tells the phenomenon of moving migrants in transit to Rome and the relationships they establish with the public space. A unique project of its kind, the result of which is the visual story of a new urban reality that migrants are moving with their movements.

16.05 TRANSIT (Greece and Turkey, 2018 – 26’ by Mariam El Marakeshy) in competition
Transit is a groundbreaking documentary bringing powerful intimate stories of young refugees who risked their lives crossing the Aeagean sea to Europe, only to get trapped on the Greek island of Lesvos, with no future and closed borders. It was supposed only to be their “transit” stop but it is where they ended.

16.30 RAIN (Italy, 2017 – 12’ by Alessandro Spallino) in competition
In a dystopian society, humans are now born without being assigned to a specific gender even though they resemble archaic images of female. They acquire their definitive gender after going through what is known as “Completion”, a controlled procedure, result of technological progress. Rain, a young student on a field trip to aquarium, envies that the fish she encounters in the aquarium, are born male and female and have the ability to decide with whom to mate in spite of their gender. The trip is a standardized test that challenges her on her commitment to conform to society’s rules.

16.45 KHILAUNA (India, 2018 – 12’ by Sriramm Dude) in competition
(BQ section – Beyond Queer)
Situated In the slums of India . A Muslim kid has his fascination over his favourite toy Ganesh, a Hindu idol.

17.00 OFF BROOM (Netherlands, 2018 – 29’ by Roald Zom) in competition
Rein is the transgender keeper of a quidditch team, a new developing sport. While the team is preparing to attend the European Games in Italy, Rein shares his story. In the build-up to the tournament it becomes clear that acceptance and recognition are perhaps even more important than winning.

17.30 PASSAGE TO WOMANHOOD (Malaysia, 2018 – 30’ by Inaya Yusuf) in competition
A group of Muslim trans women stand their ground against social marginalization in secular Malaysia. Redefining femininity in Islam they are painting their own portrayal of womanhood.

17.40 GONJ (BEE) (Iran, 2017 – 8’ by Arman Gholipourdashtaki) in competition
(BQ section – Beyond Queer)
Gonj (honey bee) is a film displaying the attempt of mountaineers who work in extreme Zagros mountains of Iran in the height more than 150m with elementary facilities and sever risks and difficulties. they give this pure and clear honey to the sick person in order to treat the various diseases

17.50 FLORINDO & CARLOTTA (Italy, 2018 – 15’ by Rossella Bergo) in competition
Florindo is a disabled poet who has come to collect a prize of poetry in a village forgotten by the world; Struggling to get home, he faces continuous obstacles. Carlotta is a prostitute who works on one of the endless streets of these desolate places and lives in an old farmhouse with coworkers, extravagant characters and failed artists. Their meeting will change both their lives.

18.05 LOVE INTERSECTIONS: VANCOUVER’S UNTOLD QUEER STORIES (Canada, 2018 – 35’ by David Ng) in competition
David Ng and Jen Sungshine from Love Intersections (a media arts collective made up of queer artists of Colour in Vancouver), go out and explore untold stories of other queer people of colour living, dancing, and thriving in the margins.

19.00 DIVINE PIZZA by Via Baltea


21.10 WHEELCHAIR DANCER – KENTA KAMBARA (Japan, 2018 – 2’ by Nobuyuki Arai) – Reply

21.15 PURA PANTALLA (Venezuela, 2018 – 9’ by Javier Farías) in competition
Sergio arrives with his laptop at the café-restaurant and immediately hooks his eyes on Laura, a beautiful intellectual girl. Defeated by his introversion, Sergio decides to generate his own fantasy with Laura, through a plan that combines imagination, libido and technology.

21.25 DEAF JAM (USA, 2011 – 70’ by Judy Lieff) in collaboration with Cinedeaf (Rome, Italy)
Documentary focused on the experience of Aneta Brodski, a deaf teenager who lives in Queens (New York), who immerses herself in the dynamic and three-dimensional form of the poetry of American sign language. The meeting of Aneta, an Israeli deaf poet, with Tahani, a Palestinian hearing poet, produces a new form of poetry that gains recognition in the deaf and hearing communities in the same way.

22.35 SUNKEN PLUM (China, 2018 – 20’ by Xu Xiaoxi e Roberto F. Canuto) in competition
A transgender Chinese woman receives news of her mother’s death. As the only “son”, she feels obligated to return to her birthplace in the mountains, even though she’ll have to hide her true self from family and friends.

22.45 BUDH (Awakening) (India, 2018 – 17’ by Prashant Ingole) in competition
(BQ section – Beyond Queer)
A Film which revolves around three women from different corners of India which showcases how women are treated in India and all over the world. The communication gap that prevails between a man and a woman, the traditions that bind the women as a commodity, the labeling of a woman as a slave and coming out of all these things is Budh which means awakening, rising up

SUNDAY 3rd MARCH 2019  simbolo lis 2

16.00 WHEELCHAIR DANCER – KENTA KAMBARA (Japan, 2018 – 2’ by Nobuyuki Arai) – Reply

16.05 APPELLEZ-MOI MADAME (France, 1986 – 52’ by Françoise Romand) in collaboration with Unione Culturale Antonicelli and Sotto18 (Turin, Italy)
Jean-Pierre Voidies was a member of the Resistance, tortured by the Gestapo and interned in Neuengamme. Survived and returned to his country, he married Huguette and had a son. At the age of 55, Jean-Pierre decided to change sex and became Ovida Delect, an elegant Communist lady, a poet, a dreamer who, together with her family, talks about herself in this extraordinary documentary sui generis.

17.00 ZIG ZAG (Turkey, 2018 – 10’ by Zeynep Merve Uygun) in collaboration with Kuir Istanbul (Istanbul, Turkey)
(BQ section – Beyond Queer)
Combining the art of animation with real footage and traditional Turkish art form water marbling, ZigZag tells the story of a Muslim woman who got stuck in the middle of the sea at a unisex beach while she is unveiled.

17.10 LISTEN (UK, 2018 – 5’ by Jake Graf)

Featuring young trans actors in trans roles, ‘Listen’ honestly and frankly depicts some of the myriad struggles experienced daily by trans children and teenagers, giving a much needed voice to this often maligned section of the community.

17.15 GRIGIO, VERDE AZZURRO (Italy, 2018 – 33’ by Ilaria Piccardi) in collaboration with Lavori in Corto (Turin, Italy)
A documentary on psychiatric illness. A dialogue between daughter (director) and mother (protagonist) ironic and full of love. The desire to live better.

17.50 SIDNEY&FRIENDS (Kenya, 2017 – 75’ by Tristan Aitchison)
(special selection DQFF2019)
When his family tries to kill him, Sidney, who is intersex, flees to Nairobi where he meets a group of transgender friends. Together, they fight discrimination and discover life, love and self-worth.

19.05 WE’VE BEEN AROUND (USA, 2016 – Lou Sullivan 4’; Albert Cashier 5’; Lucy Hicks Anderson 5’; Camp Trans 6’ by Rhys Erns) in collaboration with Divergenti (Bologna, Italy)
It is a series of courts that celebrate the life of some transgender people, who have been pioneers in history.

19.10 MOUR MOUR (Turkey, 2017 – 5’ by Simay Çalışkan & Nergis Karadağ) in collaboration with Kuir Istanbul (Istanbul, Turkey)
Animated film that deals with social homophobia in an ironic and creative way.

19.15 ABSENT WOUND (Iran and UK 2017 – 10’ by Maryam Tafakory)
(BQ section – Beyond Queer)
The poetic tale of a hammam where the narration is entrusted to poetic phrases and breaths in the background. The theme of separation, in public space, between men and women. A delicate and aesthetically perfect story.

19.25 MANIVALD (Canada/Estonia/Croazia, 2017 – 13’ by Chintis Lundgren) in collaboration with Orlando (Bergamo, Italy)
A bizarre love triangle. Manivald, the gay fox, still lives at home with his mother. The day before his thirty-third birthday, a young sexy wolf comes to repair the washing machine in their home. The situation very soon degenerates. An ironic and mischievous story.

19.45 PRINCESS (Germany, 2017 – 17’ by Karsten Dahlem) in collaboration with Lovers Film Festival (Turin, Italy)
When with friends, Ole bullies the awkward Davie, never would imagine that soon thereafter he will be on stage with her, dressed up and made up by princess. Nor do his friends expect it. A hard and delicate story in pre-adolescence.



21.00 BIXA TRAVESTY (Brasil, 2018 – 75’ by Renato Galamba)
(special selection DQFF2019)

About trans activist and performer Linn da Quebrada. The trans body becomes a political means of expression in both public and private space. The black, transgender singer Linn da Quebrada deconstructs how alpha males conceive of themselves. Kiko Goifman and Claudia Priscilla’s documentary portrays a charismatic artist who reflects on gender and has an extraordinary stage presence.