Achille Schiavone – Born in Turin in 1972 to parents originally from a small village in Irpinia. Queer activist and group facilitator with psychodramatic action methods. Film lover and university lecturer in animal nutrition. He lives with two fabulous felines: Leo and Brio.

Murat Cinar – Born in 1981 in Istanbul to two migrant lovers: his mother was from Sivas (Turkey) and his father was from Batumi (Georgia). He grew up surrounded by both Armenian and Jewish culture. He is a fan of photography, cinema, politics and, naturally, journalism. In Turkey, he writes for the national journal KaosGL, national newspaper Birgun and various independent news portals such as Bianet, Sol and Sendika. In Italy, he has written for Il Manifesto and E-il mensile. He is one of the founders of the monthly Glob011 Freepress and still collaborates with BabelMed and Pressenza.

Veet Sandeh – Born in 1964 in Catania and moved to her adopted city Turin in 1979. Queer activist for over 30 years and eclectic artist. She has experience in theatre, dance and cinema with the production of her docudrama “Metamorfosi, la strada dell’eccesso porta al palazzo della saggezza” which celebrates its 10th anniversary in 2015. Specialist in holistic disciplines and meditation teacher. Lives with her fabulous poodle Gina.


Roque Fucci – Born in 1972 in Buenos Aires “on the far side of the river” in the Villa Crespo neighbourhood in the dark times before the dictatorship. Followed his heart to Turin in 2006. He has spent years managing the pottery studio in the Ferrante Aporti Young Offender Institution in Turin making pottery inspired by the young prisoners’ dramatic backgrounds with whom he shares his artistic vision on a daily basis. He made the award dedicated to Marcella di Folco for the DQFF.

Anita Luz Berman – Born in 1998 in Torino, father argentine and mother calabrese. She is an activist in the struggle of antiprohibitionism and has a strong passion for the multiform and multimedia artistic works and tries to become a director. Lives with obsessions for cinema and her boy friend and a balck cat called as Victor.

Claudia Zangarini – Born in 1982 in Torino, starting from her 3 years of age had always strong interests for the fine arts by imitating Simon Le Bon. In mean while she did not become the front man of any pop group but studied singing, acting and photography just because she loves studying. After finishing the high school got the first undergraduate degree in Cinema and in Social Community Theater and worked especially in phsychiatric experiences. Writing is her bigest love and thanks to that today lives while doing journalist and working on comunication.

Subtitles: Lucia Prato, Anna Lugniani, Alessandro Tortorici, Tatiana Spagnolo, Mariasole Alossa